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IELTS on Computer

Elevate your language proficiency conveniently with our computer-based IELTS exams.

Study In Australia

Explore the land Down Under with our relocation services. Whether it’s for study, or a new adventure, we’ll help you make Australia your home.

Tourist Visa

Dreaming of global exploration? We can assist you in obtaining tourist visas to various countries, making your travel dreams a reality.


From NCLEX application assistance to CES evaluation and more, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

IELTS on Computer

The IELTS on Computer test is an alternative format for the exam. You can choose to take the computer-based test for both the General Training and Academic tests.

Why choose IELTS computer-based test?

Taking the IELTS on Computer offers a range of benefits. Here’s why you should consider this computer-delivered format for your IELTS journey:

✅Receive results in three to five days
✅Customizable test interface
✅Highlight and note function
✅Efficient answer management
✅Automatic word counts
✅Ease of editing

Discover Your Australian Immigration Options

Australia ranks as one of the most desirable destinations for individuals seeking a new place to call home. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, welcoming culture, and its consistent high ranking on the Global Peace Index, Australia is globally recognized for its open arms towards immigrants.
Over the next three years, Australia is set to welcome a significant number of new permanent residents: 2021 – 2023: Aiming to welcome a total of approximately 450,000 immigrants. Discover why we are your top choice for Australia immigration consultation and let us guide you on your journey to a brighter future!


DISCOVER - the globe

Australia emerges as a prime destination for individuals aspiring to elevate their academic pursuits and embrace an unmatched quality of life. Recognized for its prestigious universities, cultural diversity, and thriving economy, Australia offers a journey of discovery marked by enriching educational experiences and promising career pathways. With a dedication to innovation, a focus on groundbreaking research, and an inclusive atmosphere, it consistently stands out as a top choice for global learners seeking to explore new horizons and attain academic.

BROADEN - your skills

Studying in Australia offers a unique opportunity to broaden your skills. Renowned for its world-class education system and innovative teaching methods, Australia fosters a multicultural environment that enhances not only academic knowledge but also essential soft skills. With a strong emphasis on research and practical learning, students gain hands-on experience, preparing them comprehensively for professional challenges. In essence, Australia provides a holistic educational journey, shaping both academic excellence and practical skills for success in a globalized world.


PURSUE - overseas learning

Explore enriching overseas learning in Australia, known for its top-tier education, diverse culture, and innovative teaching. This vibrant country offers a unique environment for academic excellence, providing access to world-class programs and fostering a global perspective. Seize the opportunity to broaden your horizons, develop valuable skills, and lay the foundation for success in a dynamic global landscape.


Our Mission

At McCare Global Consulting Inc., our mission is to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to achieve their dreams of studying, working, and thriving in Australia. As the Official Test Venue Partner of IDP for IELTS on Computer, we are committed to delivering a high-quality testing experience, helping you take that crucial step towards your aspirations. Moreover, through our strong partnerships with various educational institutions, we aim to provide comprehensive support for students, offering a seamless pathway to study and work in Australia. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, combined with our in-depth expertise, ensures that every individual we serve has the best chance for success on their journey to a brighter future. Join us at McCare Global Consulting Inc., and let’s make your dreams of international education and career advancement a reality.

Our Vision

At McCare Global Consulting Inc., our vision is to be the driving force behind aspirants’ journeys to a brighter future in Australia. We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services, from being the Official Test Venue Partner of IDP for IELTS on Computer to our collaborations with leading educational institutions. Our vision is to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to thrive in the Land Down Under. We aspire to be the compass guiding you toward your educational and career goals, making Australia’s promise of growth, prosperity, and new horizons a tangible reality. With unwavering dedication and a global perspective, we stand by your side as you chart a path to success in Australia.

Become a Licensed Health Professional Abroad

We provide efficient and reliable document processing services to help future nurses achieve their career goals.

NCLEX Applications:

  • Standardized nursing license exam in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Each state or province has specific criteria and additional requirements for licensure.
Credential Evaluation Service:
  • CES Professional Report® assesses competencies of foreign-educated nurses.
  • Trusted tool for prospective employers and regulatory/licensing agencies.
CGFNS VisaScreen:
  • Comprehensive screening for healthcare professionals seeking a U.S. occupational visa.
  • Satisfies U.S. Federal screening requirements for work visa applicants.
RN License Endorsements:
  • Allows registered nurses with a valid license to practice in another state.
  • Convenient option for RNs relocating to a different state or area.
PRC License Verification:
  • Conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Philippines.
  • Verifies licenses and credentials, ensuring eligibility to practice professions in the country.

Streamlined Tourist Visa Application Process

Facilitating Global Adventures: Professional Assistance for Tourist Visa Applications

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